Benish Shah

Benish Shah is an award-winning, industry-agnostic go-to-market strategist with more than 10 years of experience taking companies and products to market and growing businesses. She's worked across CPG, SaaS, media, and fashion. She is the VP of Marketing at Stardust and previously worked at Refinery29 (acquired by VICE Media), Raised Real (acquired by Once Upon a Farm), and more. Benish has taken companies to national and international launches, leading revenue increases by 3x-4x within 18-24 months. She's a founding member of COVID Tech Connect, a non-profit that raised $10M+ in less than 6 months to help during the COVID 2020 crisis. Benish is an author, releasing her newest children's book series called English Meets Urdu in 2021. Benish Emory University Law School and George Washington University and you can find more information about her work

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